We start our journey together as strangers that have somehow managed to find each other in the vastness of the internet. I would like for us to become friends so that we can share with and learn from each other, you never know where the inspiration for the next great story will come from.


I write about a myriad of topics. You will find short stories and teasers for full length books as well as insights into not only my process but those that have inspired me. You will also find resources to help all the budding authors out there and those that simply enjoy fiction stories.

You will not find any personal religious or political views here. What I believe has no place here if, you would like to discuss such things, feel free to e-mail me at: Mike@Mikespen.com.

Another very import point to me is that I will not advertise or promote any product or service that I don't personally use, it goes against my moral fiber to do that so, it will not be done.

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